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Jesse Bica  

Jesse Bica is a two-time World and Grand National Jump Rope Champion and has set several speed records during his jump rope career!  He became involved with the sport of jump rope when he took an after-school class as a first grader. Jesse then joined the Hot Dog USA team in 2001.



Jumping Rope Is Our Passion!

The Jumpin' J's is a family of champion jump ropers who are passionate about the sport and the fun of jump roping!

The Jumpin’ J’s first began teaching jump rope classes at Westhill Elementary in Bothell, WA in 2005.  They began with just one class and had so much fun and received so many requests to repeat the class, that they did.  Due to popular demand, they soon began adding workshops and summer camps to their jump rope offerings.

Jenna, Joanna, Jesse & Joyce Bica


Joyce, Jenna & Joanna Bica

Jesse's sisters, Joanna and Jenna followed him into the sport, and then so did their mother, Joyce!!


With more requests to teach jump rope, they have expanded their jump rope program outside the Bothell area, and are currently working with several local elementary schools to offer classes in Kenmore, Lake Forest Park and Seattle. 

The Jumpin' J's love what they do! They enjoy teaching youth a variety of jump rope skills in an environment where they can have fun and make friends while they are learning!!  

They also lead birthday party activities and perform at special events.

Please contact us!  We welcome your questions and suggestions about our program.  And, we hope to see you jumping rope very soon! 

~ The Jumpin' J's




Jumpin' J's is committed to encouraging your child to Learn New Skills, Make Friends and Have Fun!! 


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