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The Jumpin' J's is a family-based business comprised of current and former members of the Hot Dog USA team. The Jumpin’ J’s are passionate about the sport of jump rope, and enthusiastic about teaching jump rope skills to children and also adults!

The Jumpin’ J’s started their first jump rope program in 2005 at Westhill Elementary in Bothell, Washington. Due to the popularity of these classes, they soon began teaching at other nearby schools, and then added workshops and summer camps to their jump rope offerings.

Over the past 10 years, the Jumpin’ J’s have grown their program and expanded to more than 20 schools all over the Eastside and throughout the North Seattle area.

While the original Jumpin’ J’s have grown up, graduated and mostly moved on, the Jumpin’ J’s staff continues to grow. More Hot Dog team members (current and former) have come on board, including some who started off in a Jumpin’ J’s program!  


Please contact us! We welcome your questions and suggestions about our program, and look forward to jumping with you soon!         

 ~ The Jumpin' J's


The Jumpin' J's love teaching youth a variety of jump rope skills in a positive, upbeat environment. Our focus is working with each child at his or her own skill level so students will be challenged, yet not frustrated. We promote good form and train our students to "listen to their bodies." We remind them to avoid comparisions because everyone is different. Our program not only instills personal satisfaction in learning single rope skills, it also promotes cooperation and teamwork as students work on partner skills and group activities. Ultimately, we want all of our students to have fun and make friends while learning the value of being physically fit for a lifetime!!   







Jumpin' J's are committed to encouraging children (AND adults!) to develop new jump rope skills, make friends and have fun, while learning the value of being physically fit for a lifetime!!  


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