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Kelly Jewell on August 27, 2015 at 4:28 PM said:

My kids just finished a week of summer camp with Jumpin' J's and they loved every minute of it. My 8 year old son was a little nervous, thinking he might be the only boy, but not only was he not, even if he had been, he ended up loving it so much it wouldn't have mattered! Both kids enjoyed it so much that they can't wait to start again in the fall in one of the after school programs. I was really impressed with the showcase at the end and with everything they learned in just a week, and it was really fun to watch all the kids supporting one another and cheering each other on! The whole program was great!

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Jumpin' J's are committed to encouraging children (AND adults!) to develop new jump rope skills, make friends and have fun, while learning the value of being physically fit for a lifetime!!  


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